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Wrongful Termination

Know Your Rights

When you are injured at work your Employer is prohibited from intimidating, harassing, or terminating you in response to your filing a worker’s compensation claim. This is covered under Florida Statute 440.205. Unfortunately, Employers do not always comply with this portion of the worker’s compensation statute, and it creates an avenue for a civil lawsuit. Under the worker’s compensation statute you cannot sue your Employer for negligence, but you can sue your Employer for violation of 440.205. The award in civil lawsuits includes pain and suffering (which you are not compensated for in worker’s compensation), and in some cases, punitive damages.

At Silver & Agacinski we have decades of experience handling wrongful termination claims, and are able to represent you diligently in both your worker’s compensation claim, and any wrongful termination claim that may result. Call our office today if you feel you are experiencing harassment, intimidation, or if you have been terminated following your filing of a worker’s compensation claim.

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